Exclusive EnPak design reduces fuel use for significant cost savings while delivering the performance that users demand resulting in maximum productivity.

  • Load-Management System monitors accessory requirements and precisely adjusts the engine's speed to match demand, delivering only the amount of power required and minimizing fuel used.
  • Auto Start/Stop Technology shuts off the engine when no accessory loads are detected, increasing fuel savings as well as reducing job site noise and exhaust emissions. When a load is applied, the engine automatically starts up quickly.
  • EnVerter™ Technology delivers up to 2,400 watts of continious 120 V, 60 Hz, pure sine wave power at low engine speeds, providing power for many tools and lights while reducing fuel consumption and decresing job site noise.

Extend Work Truck Life

Turning off a work truck and turning on EnPak can make a work truck last longer. Using EnPak for jobsite functions instead of work the truck's PTO can reduce the truck's engine idle time by up to 50%, extending the life of its drive train.

Spend Less On Maintenance

Work truck maintenance can't be ignored—but its frequency can be reduced. Turning off a work truck and turning on EnPak can save owners money in several ways. EnPak:

  • Has lower preventative maintenance costs
  • Does not require diesel exhaust fluid
  • Has no diesel particulate filter to clean or replace