HMA Fire

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HMA Fire

Based on years of collaboration with NASA and the Air Force Research Laboratory Fire Research Group, HMA Fire has emerged as a leader in the development of firefighting technology for the 21st Century. Our ultra-high pressure (UHP), high-mobility fire apparatus outperform traditional low-pressure systems in fighting structural, wildland and fuel fires.

Iowa UHP Summit: Third Vehicle Burn – 4.75gal

Middleton Fire District – UHP Training Burn – Bishops Bay Demo

Middleton Fire District – Ultra High Pressure Summit Middleton, WI

ATF CFI Candidate Research – 150gpm vs UHP – 20s Flow Test

ATF CFI Candidate Research – 150gpm vs UHP – 10s Flow Test

HTF CFI Candidate Research – Two Room Burn Trailer

ATF CFI Candidate Research – Two Story Residential – 2nd Division

AFT CFI Candidate Project – Speed of Attack: Deployment

Viola (WI) FD – Two Story Residential – 1st Division – 12.53gal

Good Hope (IL), FD – Vehicle Fire – 2.95gal

HMA Fire – It’s Hard to Debate Anymore